Black fungus

Black fungus symptoms and treatment this is the truth

Mucormycosis This problem is caused by black fungus belonging to the genus Mucormycosis, which live in our atmosphere, especially in soil, decaying leaves, and organic matter such as wood. When it is located in the lungs and nasal cavity, it can cause serious health problems in people with weakened immune systems. It can spread to the skin, stomach, brain and other internal organs. There are five major types of fungal infections that can affect the body.

1. Lungs fungal infection: –

  • It is more common in people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and in people undergoing organ transplant surgery.

2. Spiro brain fungal infection: –

  • This is a condition in which the sinuses become infected and then spread to the brain. It is more common in people with uncontrolled diabetes or those who have had a kidney transplant.

3. Stomach fungal infection: –

  • It is more common in premature babies or low birth weight babies.

4. Skin fungal infections: –

  • Black fungus infections of the skin can be caused by cuts, bruises, burns, or surgical wounds on the skin. It can also occur in people with weakened immune systems.

5. Body fungal infection: –

  • Fungal infections are a condition that affects many internal organs through the blood. It can spread to many internal organs such as the brain, heart and spleen.
  • Covid-19 is the most common type of fungal infection of the scalp and lung fungus.


  • The main symptoms of sciatica are swelling of one side of the face, severe headache, clogging of the nose and sinuses, fever on the bridge of the nose, and accumulation of black matter on the bridge of the nose or upper palate. Occasionally there are symptoms such as difficulty moving the eyes, loss of vision, eye pain, and pushing the eye to one side.
  • The main symptoms of pneumonia are fever, cough, chest pain and shortness of breath.
  • Black fungus infections of the skin can cause sores or blisters on the skin that gradually turn black. Sometimes there may be pain, swelling and heat in that area.
  • Symptoms of gastritis may include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and bleeding from the stomach.
  • Individuals with fungal infections of the brain may experience sudden behavioral changes, spatial unconscious behaviors, and sometimes even loss of consciousness.

Risk factors.

It is a rare condition. Individuals with uncontrolled diabetes are most likely to have the problem. People with cancer, people who have had organ transplants, people who have had stem cell or stem cell transplants, people who have low levels of neutrophils in their blood, people who have high levels of iron in their blood, and people who use steroids for a long time uncontrolled are at higher risk.

  • Black mold is not transmitted from one person to another or to animals.

What to look for?

It is important to maintain personal hygiene to avoid infection. The presence of this mold is present in the very atmosphere in which we live. Therefore, anyone can get the disease. However, symptoms usually occur in people with weakened immune systems.

  • Avoid visiting dusty and muddy places. Or, if you have to work in such places, cover your mouth and nose completely with an N-95 mask. The presence of mold is more likely to occur on construction sites and in areas where activities such as mining are taking place.
  • Moist buildings and waterlogged areas are more prone to fungal infections.
  • People who do jobs that are directly related to soil and dust are at higher risk of disease. It is better for such people to wear long gloves and leggings. Gloves must be worn when handling soil, manure and decaying leaves. Care should also be taken to clean the limbs with soap and water immediately after work.
  • Covid-19 sufferers should take steroid medications only as prescribed by a doctor. People with diabetes in particular should use steroids under the supervision of a specialist. During this time it is necessary to check the blood sugar level at regular intervals and control it with proper treatment.


The main treatment is antifungal drugs. Lysosomal Amphoteric B is the main drug used for this purpose. However, individuals with cerebral palsy may need to have surgery on the affected area. Antifungal medications may have to be continued for a long time with this surgery. Realizing that it is best to keep the disease at bay and take the necessary precautions, this infection and its subsequent complications can be avoided.

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